Task Management.  Progress Tracking.  Reporting.  Sustainability

Compliance is very stringent and becomes a hard bargain in a Cannabis business. But with team effort and the right tools, you can easily grow and sustain your business. 

Information dissemination.  360° Feedback.  Notifications.

Unhindered flow of information is critical when undergoing certification and change. Get everyone in the loop and receive instant feedback with HighUp.



Teamwork.  File Sharing.  Project Management. 

Keep the best ideas coming and work together on a single project as a team through a collaboration platform that enables file-sharing and group participation. Break down silos and improve transparency.


Performance.  Talent.  Change.  Projects.

For a cannabis venture to be top of the industry, right leadership is crucial. HighUp provides the tools to improve performance, and to manage people, change, and projects.


Microlearning. Training Progress Monitoring. Employee Engagement

From seed to sale, your employees must have the right knowledge to better deal with your clients. Keep them engaged to boost their performance.